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Huddleston lure question

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As you see in the added pic this is a well known lure known as the Huddleston swim bait. My question is if you look closely under the rear treble hook there is a pocket of air. how does one go and add this into a soft plastic swimsuit is it injected with a needle or something inside of the mold??? I know they use this for when the bait sits on Botton the back end of the lure sits slightly upwards presenting a very very natural bait...


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2 hours ago, Jon_P said:

It's a manufacturing flaw, not an intentional addition. Ken doesn't chuck his plastic in a vacuum so you get little bubbles and whatnot. My best performing Hudd has a massive pocket of air that makes it stand at a sharp angle. 

That's interesting. You would think with a name like Huddleston, there would be no flaws.  Either that or the air pocket worked and they said if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  LOL

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