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Rob Abbott

My first post

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Hello and Merry Christmas to all of you lure makers out there!  I have just started to cast jig heads and after some mixed results with melting and pouring directly into a mold with a ladle, I bought a Lee Melting Pot.  After first melting what I think was fairly pure lead (not from wheel weights) in a pan and fluxing it with candle wax, I poured some ingots.  I then melted these ingots in the Lee pot and fluxed it again with a small dab of wax.  I began to pour with temp dial set at about 650.  As I poured the jigs (and they poured fine), I noticed this strange oxidation product forming on top of the lead.  I'd remove it with a spoon and it would form again like something out of a horror movie!  LOL  I emailed Lee Precision and they don't quite know what to think about it either.  Have any of you ever experienced such a phenomenon while using a lead pot?

On a second note, I am finding it next to impossible to find Eagle Claw 2190 swim jig hooks in size 2/0.  Sizes 4 and 1/0 are no problem, but finding 2/0 has been impossible for me.  I don't understand the "why", but it makes no difference, I can't find 'em!!  Any thoughts or sources for these?

Many thanks! 

Lee Lead Melting Pot.jpg

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Obviously your lead wasn't very clean.

Looks like the dross I get from dirty scrap lead.

Such things as rust coated old plumbers lead pipe.

I ingotize mine outside on a turkey fryer in a dutch oven.

Flux three times before pouring ingots.

As for your hooks this site has them in a 2/0 but I've not bought from them before so cannot add anything about their service.


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Welcome to TU. You will learn a lot here if you are willing to do some reading. I have gotten lead that had a lot of rust attached to it, and when cleaning it I got the same pile of rust and junk from the lead as well. Like mentioned if you clean it well it will eventually go away.. As far as a good source of hooks, sometimes Zeiners in Wichita , KS has them , he also has good prices on Do-it molds. Talk to Jim Zeiner, great guy to deal with.

Good luck on your pouring.

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