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Heavy Joints

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I'm working on some jointed baits, and got to thinking, what style of joint do you prefer?  What do you think is strongest?  I usually do a double twist wire.  

Also considering through-wire construction for strength, what style joint would you use for heavy hitters like muskie?

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At the very least we would need more information on your bait. 

I tested some baits and did a YouTube video (my wife deleted my channel a few years ago) showing a jointed lure I did with just light pins molded into Alumilite White, with a foam core, lures.  The pull weight was well over a hundred pounds for the two pins and the torque was well over 50.  So, for that construction, a simple small pin molded in was more than enough.  

If I was making that bait out of Balsa, I sure would not expect that kind of result.

So, depends, but through-wire is not always necessary.

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I like double pin joints, this gives maximum freedom to the hinge as one joint has two pivots. Strength-wise, the load is distributed along the length of the pin, perpendicular to the pull direction, you would have to rip the lure in half to break it.

There are so many joint solutions and I cannot say that any are particularly bad. Whether a joint will fail or not all comes down to your design; screw-eyes too short, area around pin to thin, inadequate sealing, etc. Hinges are all about free movement, even the slightest resistance to movement will cancel out the action.

Rear facing V-joint shape: head < < < - tail, this gives a wide 'S' action, reverse the 'V' gives a narrow 'S' action, therefore by deduction, a flat hinge face will give something in between.

If aesthetics are important to you then a stepped 'piano hinge' style may be appealing. It is all personal choice, you cannot go wrong :)


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