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Don Mang

What clear coat

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i agree with 21XDC about using a moisture cured urethane (MCU) topcoat but think I would opt for Dick Nite Fishermun’s Lurecoat instead of KBS.  With Dick Nite, I’ve had the topcoat penetrate through the acrylic latex color coat and form a bond directly with the metal on spoons.  It would be even more durable if applied over solvent based lacquer colors.  21XDC also brings up a point you should beware of regarding safety.  You need to wear a mask rated for solvent protection if you shoot solvent based coatings.  Aside from the very flammable mist that’s present, the chemicals in topcoats are often very poisonous.  I wouldn’t dream of using anything other than MCU on a spinner blade or jig head. It’s the perfect topcoat for them:  thin, tough, and non yellowing.  Once upon a time I repainted a reel.  It was a PITA to do and the new paint (auto aerosol colors) started chipping pretty quickly.  Honestly, I think you’ll try it and probably decide as I did that the end product just isn’t worth the work and time required to do it.

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Thanks guys for your input! I bought some cheap 2.5" crankbaits to practice on. For now I'm clear coating with Rust-oleum 2X ultra cover. Due to the cold weather. Warm weather I think I'll dip KBS.

BobP,,, I restore Mitchell reels, and have painted a few. I use Dupli-color perfect match automotive spray paint. And clear coat coat with Max 2K glamour clear. It's a two part mixture in a can (outdoors a must). This is a very hard clear coat!!

I'll try post a reel that was in very bad shape. I've been fishing it for 2 years in saltwater, and banging it on jetties and a wall. Still in good shape.

Again thank you all for your help!!

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