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Soft Plastics Troubleshooting

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8 hours ago, SlowFISH said:

The pics with baits help... Bryan's suggestion is a good one... and now seeing it's just the top bait and the bubbles are pretty much down the entire bait on the top side - try putting 1 or 2 small c clamps on top edge of that mold in addition to what you are already using to clamp it.  You might not be getting a perfect/tight seal and sucking a little air in when it cools. 

All my molds are made of resin and they warp/bend when they get to hot.... sometimes I don't get a good seal between the mold haves and have an issue like this.

But to answer an earlier question as well... if all else fails - you could try to vent each rib up top - but I'd exhaust every option first before you start messing with your mold.  IF you do decide to vent it - I'd start with a VERY TINY vents... maybe just use a utility knife scratch a tiny vent then hit the surface with some 800 grit and paper to flatten out any distortion of the metal  - you really don't need much for air to escape.

I have some molds that i clamp top corners, bottom corners & in the middle on each  side because i got dents or bubbles & it worked good. Some molds are also easier than others to get flashing & i've done that to cure it too.

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