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Rebel Crawdads Work!

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This fish was caught using a regular sized Rebel Craw, gold back (molting) in August of 1990. That's why I entered this into "Hard Baits". Took my two sons wading in a river I know well in NE IA. They were only 9 and 7 years old. To prevent complaining we all used Zebco 33's mounted on some light casting rods. We were all throwing the rebel. When I hooked it I thought I may have snagged a carp. Whoa! Got so excited I didn't trust the drag and backed out of the river onto the shore to land the fish. Using a Zebco De-liar it scaled slightly over #5. The fish was mounted on Tennessee driftwood by a well-known taxidermist in eastern Iowa. This isn't a foam body. Hell, it was my first big mountable fish so I didn't think about that. The fish resided in a deep frezer for about a month prior to mounting.

I took it off the wall for an annual cleaning and now looks like the day it came out of the water.

A question for the guys: what is the diameter (mm) of the eyes on a #5 smallmouth?

My Wall Smallie Eyes.jpg

My Wall Smallie2.jpg

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