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Lure Duplicator...looking for some help

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On 2/13/2021 at 1:08 PM, ravenlures said:

Jason Thanks I put that on my watch list and it is a lot of 2  so would I need one for each motor.  I am just getting what I need or think I need. to start with the drive then start with the screw set up.  First make room this will be a slow project for me, waiting for parts and money as I go along.


Only need 1 ...I didn’t notice that was for 2, that’s what I use to pay for 1. 

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54EE2F48-0B9C-48A3-9BE2-75EDE97F8E69.thumb.jpeg.31416ab5d5bee65b3d89d74e28521e07.jpegI made a new more permanent master, made it in 2 pieces and put a 1/8 rod dead center of the body so no more wobble. I’ve tried different feed speeds and it seems to not matter much the micro ridges are there but I can also confirm that with 180 grit sand paper by hand that they sand out in less than 2 minutes. Pretty happy with it at this point 

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8 hours ago, ravenlures said:

Still not sure saw or router. Router with 4 blades would do a nice job and maybe not dull quickly. What you think, using Cedar mostly 85% 


Not sure but I do know that out of all the ones I watched videos of and seen around the web, all but 1 used a grinder with saw blade....I’m eventually gonna try a chainsaw blade just working on getting a few baits made up right now. For sanding the balsa I use 180 grit by hand and it literally takes less time than the machine takes to make the next. Cedar will be a little harder so the drum type flap sander in a drill press may be your best bet 

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Wow love your work Jason, i have been on leave from TU for a couple of years and missed this post.

I went through pretty much all you are doing now in 2015 -2019

, and although different to look at the technicalities/ problems look exactly the same, I think I'm up to Version 5 now - 




I'm thinking (hoping) you are now playing with  a near complete machine by now, although I never seem to finish, there's always an improvement that has to be incorporated.

Last year ?? Because I don't use Balsa for blanks (usually mahogany) I changed the drive from chain to toothed belt (Gilmer belt) drive to eliminate backlash and noise & much smoother - these belts and toothed wheels are readily available on the "Bay" and at a reasonable price. Pete



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Andy--These things just grow in your head, I seem to be forever adding something, last week it was a new wiper motor (1995 Honda Civic ^_^) which replaced a 32V geared laminator motor- Yesterday it was add a small linear motor, today it's wire in a micro switch to to change the way the chuck "unlocks", it never ends:wacko:.


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