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 The first and second are definitely circle hooks. Could be Eagle Claw, Owner or Gami. The last one I believe is called a Kahle hooks.  Possibly Eagle Claw Lazer sharp L141 Kahle hook. Trokar makes them as well, but that is not a Trokar hook point

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Several companies make a hook very similar to those hooks. You may have to do a direct comparison to a package for a perfect match. 

The first hook could be a Gami Nautilus Circle 42411.  Maybe an Owner 5114 circle hook, Eagle L2045 Circle, or Mustad Demon Circle.

The second hook could be a Gami Octopus Circle SE (Straight Eye) or Inline Octopus Circle. Maybe a Mustad Live Bait Hook or Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Live Bait Hook or Light Wire Live Bait Hook in those brands.

The third hook could be the Gami Shiner Hook SE 51410 if it's not the Eagle Claw Kalhe L141. The Gamie Shiner Hook SE is the same shape as the Eagle Claw L141.

I believe the last 1 or 2 digits of the Gamie stock number change depending on the size of the hook. I noticed the last digit on the number was different on my packs of hooks in different sizes of the same hook type.

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