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Kinda new to this also, unfortunately like anything else there is savings with spreading things around.

Barlows has alot and I find them to be the most convenient.

Janns, lurecraft, Do-it, have a good selection also.

So far the best deal I've found on plastisol has been baitplastics.

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Look in the stickys for mold companys. A lot of the companys sale other supplies too. Myself i use lureworks  colorant & glitter  form spikeit outdoors. Right now i'm using baitplastics plastic myself, but have used calhouns when baitjunkys had it &  quite a bit of  lureworks plastic  too & really like it. I've got molds from anglingai, enforcer bait molds, basstackle, jacobs mold & machine, delmart, do-it & a few of the artificial stone molds  from the ukrainian company bugmolds.net on ebay & just got an essential XL series swimbait  mold from zieners  today that do-it makes.  Fatguys  is another mold maker  that lots of folks like. I'm sure i'm forgetting somebody for mold makers too. Also i'd get a basstackle injector because they make the best bar none & you definitely don't want to skimp on them.

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there is a few buy/sell/trade and general knowledgeable groups on facebook related to soft plastics as well, lots of good info scrolling through them as well as color ideas and some recipes etc. there is a supplier of calhoun plastic on there too.

les gave some great info. i personally use bait plastics plastisol, mostly lureworks for liquid color and glitter, and some various mica powders (ebay, hobby lobby and the bait making sellers). basstackle has the best injectors when they have them in stock, hands down. 

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There are several different suppliers out there and several different brands of supplies. With that being said, there are many different opinions on who to buy from and what brand. To be honest they’ll all be right because it’s what we’ve used and it either fit our style of pouring or it didn’t. I would take a look at Lure Parts Online, Lure Craft, Do It, Dead On Plastics, Barlows, and Zeiners to name a few.
Shipping costs vary.  So do some price research between them before you buy. The cost of shipping is only going to get worse I suspect.  If you sign up to receive emails from most of the above stores they sometimes will have holiday specials with free or reduced shipping on a reduced minimum order. 
Presently I’m using Dead On Plastic; glitter from Lure Craft; and colorants from MF (non bleed), Lure Craft and Do It .  


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On 2/1/2021 at 2:01 PM, RTjr said:

Looking in to making my own soft plastic baits.  Wondering where the best place to get supplies from.  

At the top of this Soft Baits Forum page is a search feature that should help you.

There are also sticky topics for things like soft plastics, molds, and other stuff related to pouring your own baits.

Do yourself a favor and invest an hour checking those things out.  You'll be amazed at what's listed.

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