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Jacob's Baits Deluxe( pro) Injection Press

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Has anyone heard or know of when Rick will be putting these back into production? Unable to place order via website. Have sent a couple of emails to Rick with no reply.
Not wanting the other brand version with detachable but required blending block
Ready, willing and waiting to depart with $$$ once available. 

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9 hours ago, hpssports said:

We've been looking at getting a few of the Hot Runner Machines but the detachable block is what's holding us back. If they designed them with a set screw lock, they would be perfect. Also easier to clean.

Yes , from what I gather, the blending block with the Hotrunner model would have to be disassembled for the runner to be removed between shooting cycles   Just another un wanted process to slow you down. 
Main question still unanswered. At least a reply for Rick with confirmation if they will be available and when.

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12 hours ago, hpssports said:

Just pulled the trigger on the Hot Runner Machine. They're gonna do the modifications we need to fit our process.

Well done .... I've been trying to find the website to this company. any links ? 
I have also noticed an update over at Jacobs where he is trying to catch up on back orders so it looks like he's back on track with production. Another email sent to secure a purchase. Hope he responds this time round

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