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Buzzbait styles

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Is there a benefit to throwing an inline buzzbait with a toad instead of a safety pin style buzzbait with a toad? Both skip well. Without any type of clacker, they should sound the same. The safety pin style you can swap blades and rivets. Just curious as I am seeing more inline buzzbaits being made. Not talking about weedless free swinging inlines. I'll attach pictures.

Safety Pin Buzz.JPG

Inline Buzz.JPG

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The only thing I can think off is with the traditional buzzbait (top lure) the frog will sit a bit lower in the water than the inline. This may get a few more strikes from fish hesitant to break the surface. Some people say inline buzzbaits get on plane faster but I haven't notice a difference with a frog on it.  In pike and musky country, the inline is easier to fish with a leader. You will have to put surgical tubing over the R bend on a traditional bait or the leader snap could slide up or down the arm.

I don't like to change blades on a traditional buzzbait. Before I put the rivet on, I scuff the top of the rivet with sandpaper. After I put the rivet on, I crush the tube part of the rivet with needle nose pliers so the rivet won't spin with blade. The blade spinning on the roughed up rivet top makes a good squeal.

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