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Can you ID this crankbait?

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It looks like a knockoff copy of an Ima Roumba. The lip is different from the Roumba and Ima prints a logo or Roumba on the back of the bait.



Here is a link to the unpainted blank.  It is out of stock.


I have one of the painted knockoffs. 

roumba knockoff.JPG

Wlure no longer has the painted ones on their site.

Here is one link for the painted knockoffs. 



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There is a Roumba Wake and a Roumba crank. Both have similar bodies. The Roumba wake dives 0-1'. The Roumba crank goes 1-3'.

The bait in your pic looks like a knockoff of the Roumba, not the actual Roumba. The knockoff runs deeper than both of the actual Roumbas. I have the knockoff which does run 3-4'. The knockoff is my bottom pic, sexy chrome color. 

The lip of the knockoff is steeper than the lip of the actual Roumbas which is why the knockoff dives deeper. The Roumba lip points down more whereas the knockoff lip is angled more towards the line tie.

There is probably some variation in diving depth depending on which factory in China is making the knockoff. Some of the knockoffs have a smooth finish. Some have a molded in dimple scale pattern. Some have differences in the gill plate.

Any lettering on the bait? What is the length and weight? 

There are many slightly different knockoffs of the Roumba on Aliexpress. They seem to mostly range from 50 to 75 mm in length.

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