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Kyler M

Factory vs. ceramic bearings

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I am thinking about switching all my reels bearings over to Speed Spool ceramic bearings especially in my Diawa Tatula SV’s and Shimano SLX does anyone have any experience with these? Are they smoother? Do they help with casting distance what’s the pros and cons? 

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I don't know about the Daiwa, but the SLX has a fast set of bearing in it. I feel Shimano's ARB bearings are as smooth and fast as Boca' s for a little less coin...If you want the SLX to cast farther, take the spool bearings out, soak them in Brakleen and reinstall with no oil...they will be noisy and wear out faster....but spin like crazy...do not soak ARB's in any solvent based cleaner...


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