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Dents in Curly tails

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Hey guys. I’ve read about 25 threads on dents and almost all of them have to do with the stick bait “thumb” dent. I’m looking for advice on eliminating these dents on my curly tail lurecraft mold. I’ve shot between 320 and 350 fast and slow. Just can’t get rid of them. Using Bait plastic 262 blend. 

***EDIT: I also hold pressure 10-15 seconds each time  




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17 minutes ago, mark poulson said:

I hold pressure on my injector for at least five seconds after I've filled my molds before I move to the next cavity, and no more dents.  I also don't shoot above 325 degrees.

Yes, sorry.  I forgot to add that into my original post. I will add that now. I definitely hold pressure as well. 

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Should have vents on the top of every bulge. Does look like air trapped at the top of the bulges. Use a utility knife and scratch vents from the top of every one to the outside of the mold. It will give you vents that won’t be seen in the final product. Same with the middle parts but they will have to go down and out cause you cant go up. Some mold makers put a hole in the middle for the air to escape. 

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