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Two days, what do I make?

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I have two days between getting home from college and leaving for my summer job in Minnesota.  I'm preparing my collection of baits to cover every option, but storage space is going to be limited on the water.  (Canoeing)  What sorts of multi-action, stand-out baits should I make?  I'm thinking of imitating the Rapala original floater, or this deep-diving crankbait I've attached, but I want some out-of-the-box ideas to try.  I'd share more of my ideas, but my stack of sketches is at home too.  I'm not afraid of crazy.

The deep diver I've drawn has a circuitboard lip reinforced with acrylic.  I'm no master of design, so clue me in if that sketch is doomed, especially around the lip area.  I'm not confident with my lip sizes/line tie locations.


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I like the idea of the Rapala.  How about a jointed Rapala. Back in the day when I fished from a rowboat, I would drag a J11 jointed Rapala behind the boat when I was rowing from spot to spot. It's nice if you are on a new body of water you want to explore and keep a lure in the water. It caught lots of fish and I didn't have to worry about getting snagged. You can wake the J11 Rapala if you hold your rod tip up and slow the retrieve a bit. You can hit the same depths as a squarebill with the rod down. You can also deadstick twitch it on the surface. It find it versatile and productive. You may want to upsize it some if you will be for going pike/musky.

I recently made my own version of a Deps MT wake bait. This lure also seems like it will be versatile. The bait make a lot of racket. It should be great for bass, pike and musky. It is jointed wake bait with a Colorado blade flaptail. You can switch out the blade for different sounds/colors. You could also take the blade off and replace it with a corkscrew and grub trailer. It sounds like silverware getting dropped down stairs with a size 5 or 6 Colorado on the back. You could make one with a different lip angle if you want more depth.

The sketch looks like it could work. That is a big lip. You will get a nice arm workout. I would be worried the lip might separate from the bait. Maybe try to get the lip imbedded a bit more by going straight up with the belly hook screw or you could vertically cross-pin the lip.

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I like those ideas.  A long, jointed balsa wakebait, and a fat stubby wakebait.  I'll try for a Shakespear Swimming Mouse replica instead, I like replicating antiques.  When you get to the backcountry, it's like you're fishing in the 50s.

Yeah I can embed the lip further and run the belly hook tie through, thanks.

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Turns out to only be one day, but I still managed enough to warrant a follow-up.  Made a jerkbait, a babe-oreno, a swimming mouse, and a wakebait that definitely has the line tie too high.  Rushed the paint jobs, especially on the balsa baits.  Balsa looks good enough on its own, especially for a mouse.





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