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A video I thought may be of interest to some?

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It seems to me you did a lot of work, I would have just done one, say in the middle of sizes and worked with lip size and angle. I make musky baits which I am working on  a little different in style from my other baits now. I go for depth first I have some lures from 10' to 27' then with different angles and no weights in fact I don't need weights unless for a small lure. I found that the size of lip will make a big difference in wobble and depth. Once I am satisfied with lip angle then line tie is next but I have a good idea with that from my other lures. Then I make a mold and start testing. By changing the formula on the resin making lure lighter or heaver when I get all that down then I paint up and go fishing and give it the troll test to see if any blow out at higher speeds. That's my way, others do it their way. But you made all the changes at one time best to have one lure and and make changes along with documenting each move I think that works better than a lot of lures, It was a nice video. 


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4 minutes ago, ravenlures said:

Not you UKandy who ever made the video did a lot of work.



:yay: it was a good watch though, you don't see too many videos like that explaining the weight points etc, I thought it may help some with getting closer to a decent action if starting out, I'm yet to build a diver, but will be shortly!


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