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Started making some firetiger laminated senkos, and cut tail worms. Came out well enough, but it seems that no matter how much coloring I used the two colors seemed to come out almost transparent Colors were Florescent Orange, and Florescent Chartreuse. Salt was used as well. Still came out almost as though the colors bled. but after inspection I can see through the colors.

Would adding a normal green and a normal orange to the florescent colors help bring out my two colors? And yes the florescent colors were added before heating. I was also thinking of adding chartreuse glitter and orange glitter. You think that might help?


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Try and use yellow and orange colorant. Not floresent colors. It will be way better looking of a color. For the green a transparent one will work just fine. 

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2 hours ago, SlowFISH said:

Are you putting the colorant in BEFORE heating the plastic.... usually fluorescents and chartreuse colorants require it.... I have no clue why - but if you don't add color prior to heating - it seems like you can add half the bottle with no change in the color.


BINGO!  Just like some plastisols, fluorescents hard pack more than most colors.  They need to be mixed really well.  I just used a small screwdriver to break it up, but some guys use beads or small weights.  One that's done, as you mentioned, mix it in cold plastic.  If you don't, you are wasting color and just beating a dead horse. 

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If you use Spikeit floresent colors you can add anytime. Before or after it does not matter. But all of the floresent colors I have used will never really get solid. Adding white just forces you to add more colorant and the cycle goes around. Straight yellow and strait orange from lurecraft will get you what you want. 

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14 hours ago, Bass-Boys said:

I hear ya ,, I am there too !! :D


23 hours ago, alsworms said:

Sorry my old mind missed that, but same thing applies with flo's separating. 

I'm right up there with you guys.

So let's see. In the past five days, I've gotten a couple gals of plastic with additives. Worm oil and scents, and was just looking at color charts for green and orange or yellow colors.

Of course these were all from different manufacturers.  I mean why would I order everything at once? I thought I saw a thread about how much does lure making cost. Seems like $15.00 a worm at times.

It's worse than having a garden and growing $20.00 a pound tomatoes.

Looking at some firetiger plugs, green looks closer to what I need, and plain orange, with maybe a drop of yellow in both colors.  These are skinny drop shot worms I'm making so its easy for the colors to blend together.

MF here comes another order.

Of course I added color before heating, but just adding more and more as I stirred. Looks great in the cup. Not so much in the bait. I don't use these my son does, and he thinks they look great. I'm a perfectionist and like to drive myself crazy getting it right. Crazy is how this hobby makes us.

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