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Large Rattles

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Best large rattle I made was by using the thin wall brass tubing I got at the hardware store.  Use a hack saw to cut the tubing the length of your rattle plus 2 diameters.  So if you had 1/2" tubing and wanted a 1" long rattle, cut off a length of tubing 2" long, plus a little extra.  Now cut the 1" length tubing with a hack saw in the center of your 2" piece but don't cut it all the way through.  Now you have to cut the two end pieces lengthwise on the opposite side of where they are still attached.  Use some pliers, a small mandrel, hammer to flatten the end pieces and then fold them over to close your tube, with your selected ball bearings or BB's inside of course.  I hope that makes sense.

If you're handy, you can solder the ends carefully is the best way to finish, other wise epoxy one end before rattles is easy, have to be more careful epoxying the other end that some epoxy doesn't get inside and glue your rattles.

Worked good for me.  I can't remember who to credit with the method, I read about it or seen a video.  It wasn't my idea.

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The loudest rattling bait I have made was based on the above video.

Drill a small pilot hole through the body being careful to avoid internal hardware. Then, I used a forstner bit on each side to drill out a disc on each side just a hair deeper than a dime. I think it was a ¾” bit, maybe 5/8”.  A dime should sit being just a hair under flush.  Once the disc holes are drilled, use a ½” (or 3/8”) bit to widen the pilot hole going through the bait. Seal the hole with superglue. Put one dime in place and glue/epoxy it in. Once dry, place that dime side face down and drop in the biggest diameter steel ball (or 2) that will fit in the hole going through the bait. Glue/epoxy in the dime on the other side to cap the hole being careful to only get glue on disc cut. Use epoxy, super glue & baking soda, or bondo to make the dime face flush to the surface of the body. It should just need a skim coat. The steel ball will whack against the dimes which are just at the edge of the body. On a wide body bait, this will be very loud.

You can downsize this set up with smaller metal discs and a smaller balls if the dimes won’t fit in the body. My local hardware store sells assorted size stainless ball bearings in the pull out box racks. You can cut small discs out of sheet metal if you can’t find any.

If you have to trash a defective or broken plastic bait, make sure to smash it open and take any steel balls for future use.

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I have been using a similar method for years to what is shown in the youtube video posted by JD.  Instead of the coins I use 1/16" thick polycarbonate discs formed by a jewelers hole punch set https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0010ZM6EW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and an arbor press. I like the lower frequency sound produced by the polycarbonate compared to the tinny sound of thin metal.  I use either steel or lead balls.

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I have also been using a similar method to what JD posted 

I have used all kinds of metal disks I cut out even beer cans cut up. I have also used the brass ends of shotgun shells. For the balls anything for ball bearings to BBs. Wood baits I cover with wood filler and resin baits I use a fairly thick resin/micro balloon mix so it sands nicer

I have also suspended brass tubes with folded over ends with BBs/ball bearing inside inside me my molds and poured rattling lures

I preferred the results of the method in JD’s video 

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