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Ryan V

Color shift paint

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I've been wanting to try color shift paints for awhile. Anyone use them or recommend what kind to get?

Any tips and tricks with them would be great too. I know the color you spray them over makes a big difference in how they show up or how well they shift colors.

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I didn't want your post to go un-noticed.  But I have not used color shift paints.

When I checked them out, it appeared that the colors shifted in such a way that my details would clash with one of the two shift colors.  I decided not to use it, but perhaps, if it was a detail and not the main color????

Let us know if you have any luck with this.

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Base color has everything to do with the end effect.  I have a bunch of colorshift powders.  You can mix them with a transparent base, clear top coat, or brush them on.  As for where you get them, there are a ton of different vendors out there.  I recently purchased a bunch off of an etsy store, amazon, ebay, dipyourcar, custompaintingpearls are all viable options.  In my experience, you get the most dramatic effects over a black base but some of the lighter powders also a do a great job adding a subtle shift when over white, white pearl or other lighter shades.  You just have to do some experimenting to find what you want.

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