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Victory Hooks

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The hooks are legit!! I've used the round bend 10786 which is their version of the Mustad 32786 and it is a good hook. I also used the 11149 in a size #4 for crappie jigs and it is kind of a cross between the EC Lil nasty and the Matzuo sickle. The wire is about the same diameter as the EC, the first bend is the same as the Matzuo sickle and the point is slightly curved like the Lil nasty. I will say this, their points have held up so far and make no mistake, they are sharp. I have not used any of the larger V-Loc hooks but based on what I have experienced so far I know I'm going to get some eventually. I really want to try the 11798 for some shaky heads. The reason is the V-Loc or sickle style hooks really hold fish, at least the 90 degree ones do. I use a 3/0 EC Lil nasty for small finesse swimbaits with 6lb line for river smallmouth in clear shallow water. I have never had a fish throw it when using that hook. So I want to try it in the 60 degree flat eye version and see if it works as well as the 90 degree hooks do.

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18 hours ago, basskat said:

Is there a cross reference as to what these hooks match up with? 

Aside from the 90 degree hooks which seem to match up to the EC 570 you can tell by the number. The 10786 is equivalent to the Mustad 32786. The 10798 is equivalent to the Mustad 32798. If the number starts with a 10 it is a round bend, if it begins with 11 it is a V-Loc or sickle style. All you need to do is go to their website or Barlow's Tackle, Barlow's has the hooks categorized into 90 degree fine and heavy, 60 degree, 30 degree, and flat eye which makes it easy to find what you need. 

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I has some of the V hooks that I use in my shaky heads and magnum shaky heads and they're bad to the bone.  Very sharp, stout and hold fish well once they're hooked which is really important to me with the magnum heads.

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I exchanged a few messages with Harry Simmons (sales rep for Victory) and it seems they are starting out with the most popular sizes and styles.  My opinion is they are taking advantage of the covid sales boom, and the fact that often in the last year items were out of stock from older known vendors.  I recently was asked to work on a project using some Victory hooks.  I was sent Mustad, Eagle Claw, and Victory hooks in the same sizes.  I found on testing the Victory hooks were very sticky sharp.  At a glance they look very good and on pull testing they were as strong before permanent bend as similar size premium hooks.  Since I do custom work and I am often asked for a "perfect" (no such thing) fit for a particular hook I started measuring across batches of hooks.  The one thing i noticed is visibly there was not any real difference, but when I started measuring and fitting the Victory hooks I had slightly less consistency in exact shape than other premium hooks and even some regular line hooks.  Its not horrific, but I had to make things a little sloppier.  The eyes weren't consistently the same flatness.  The shanks weren't consistently the same straightness.  The radius and angle of the bend (90 in this case) were not perfect from hook to hook.  I think for a cross over hook in a Do-It mold it would be no issue as for the most part Do-It molds tend to have greater looseness tolerance for hooks.  If you have a custom mold that is a "perfect" fit for a particular hook and you are trying to cross over a Victory hook it was not made for you may need to file a little clearance or have to expect some resistance to closing the mold as it forces the hooks into the slots.  

Does this mean I think Victory hooks are bad?  No.  They are sticky sharp, and they are as strong for their wire size as any other premium hook.  They are using good metallurgy  

What about the size/shape/fitment tolerance?  It should be ok.  Like I said, they will probably work just fine in mass produced molds that also have loose tolerances.  At worst you may have to jiggle the mold and press a little in a custom mold crossover that it wasn't specifically designed for it.  

Does that mean they are no good for custom molds?  No. any custom mold maker can make a mold that will fit most of any hook you choose.  Just make sure they have an ample sample size to test and measure.  Don't be that guy who sends one hook and says "fit this one."  

Does this mean I shouldn't buy Victory hooks if I'm that guy who's voice goes up in pitch when I say the word EXACTLY?  Not at all.  They are very good, decent price, and better than many lower end hooks from many of the major manufacturers.  Beside YOU CAN GET THEM.  Even when I saw other hooks as unavailable and sold out I was able to get Victory hooks.  

Yeah, but you seemed to go out of your way to point out their shortcomings.  I also tried to point out their strengths.  Every hook was sticky sharp.  The wire quality and metallurgy is very good, the price is good, and they are available.  Now I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I have chatted with Harry Simmons off and on for years.  Mostly be email and a few times by phone.  I started talking with him when he worked at Mustad, and he has history going back further than that.  In my opinion he's not going to keep representing a product that isn't constantly evolving and improving.  As consistent as Mustad hooks are he still would talk the actual manufacturing plants trying to get better and better consistency so that every hook in a model and size was always "perfectly" interchangeable with any other of that size and model number.  I doubt that he left that drive for better and better product behind.  The Victory hooks are good now, and they will be getting better over time.  


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I just put some 60* Victory hooks in a custom jig mold designed for the Mustad 32786 and they fit fine and jigs turned out nice. Have not fished them yet but no bad ones in the samples i have.

Also put some light wire 90* red hooks in a do it ball head jig and those were good as well. Again not fished with yet but they made fine jigs. Was able to put over size hooks with no issues.

They seem sharp and if they are indeed able to keep fish pinned as designed i feel they will be a good additional option for people.

...should also note here i was specifically looking to try the V LOC technology, if it works it could make these an exceptional value  

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