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I’ve searched through the forum and didn’t really find much so please forgive me if I missed a related post. Does anyone know of a company to source soft plastic baits from? I know about D&J and have been in contact with them, but their 6” finesse worm is just a little thin for me. Does anyone have experience with anyone else? I have heard that D&J has one of the lowest minimum order limits at 1,000 pieces per color. Any other place similar or are they mostly 20k+  

thanks for any info. Just looking to branch out into more areas and unable to keep up with the output needed. 

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kind of an open question.  need more information.  your worm?  my worm? size?  just bulk in box? color requirements?

each of these affects setup and costs, thus minimums.  I can help but need info to answer better.

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