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I bought a similar plastic made by Calhouns years ago . It looked like the stuff in the picture above . Soft spongy crystals . You have to heat it in a pan on a stove or hot plate , no re-melting left overs , Have to use powdered pigments no liquid plastic color , prone to stretchy strings coming off pan when stopping pour after cavity full . Oh and the stuff I bought was very expensive .  People complained about all of the same experiences but I had to see for myself I guess . Maybe this new stuff will be better?

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1 hour ago, 21xdc said:

At $120.00 per gallon? Plus Shipping?  No Thanks... 

shipping is free, and its a solid not a liquid so its like 6lbs of pellet type stuff in a gallon container, not sure if it measures cup for sup with liquids or not. but i agree its a crazy price, they have samples of it up for 2.99 so i might try it a little on my next order but wont be making many baits in it for sure!

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I got the email from them . I though it was pretty expensive. Not that I won’t spend money.lol. I was curious about colorant and using it in the bait making process. I don’t mind the learning process but at that price I don’t want to mess up much.

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4 hours ago, hpssports said:

Even for a business they're not offering any higher quantities other than the 1 gallon jars. Thought about incorporating it into a few of our bait designs but not if they're only doing the 1 gallon jars.

They want to make big bucks off it for a while.


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I talked to them about the product, they sure weren't sure about a couple of things. Call them and they are helpful to make sure i'm not mis quoting them.

They could not tell me if heat denting was any better than PVC. They were not sure about pigments and colorants to use and no recommendations, they said they would wait for users to use the product then make recommendations. I thought that was a strange response, then they said they might have pigments and colorants in a couple months. I asked them a lot of questions but forgot the most important and that is how toxic this stuff is. 

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