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Ball Bearing Swivels With Split Rings?

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9 hours ago, Brokeline said:

Need good quality that work. The brand names all seem to around A $1.00 apiece.

Not wanting to spend that much.

Any help appreciated!




Welcome to TU. You are looking for a unicorn that most of us searched for at one time or another. I tried a lot, and I mean a lot of ball bearing swivels over the years. What I found was there are two brands that are great and the rest not so much. Worth ball bearing swivels and Sampo, the Sampo are the most expensive but you can get the Worth for half that, even less if you order in bulk. If you aren't going to use one of those options then you may want to try roller swivels. They are a step below the ball bearing swivel but way better than crane and barrel swivels. The best part is you can get good roller swivels at a decent price and they will perform better than cheap ball bearing swivels. Get these in a size #10 - Bulk Roller Swivels - Nickel Plated Sizes 14, 12, 10, 7 - Barlow's Tackle (barlowstackle.com)  Then buy the size #2 standard split ring and you'll be set. The roller swivel in a size #10 is less than $5 for a 50 pack and a 100 pack of split rings will cost you $6. So you'll have 50 good swivels for $11 and they will perform better than cheap ball bearing swivels. Cheap ball bearing swivels have a tendency to spin well for a short period of time and then seize up. The roller swivels spin very well and I haven't had any that failed as I tend to use those on my smaller under spins. 

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Smalljaw hit the nail on the head, I have about 250 ball bearings left that I bought 12 years ago and since then the price has gone up tremendously. I have been using roller swivels as well on my personal spinnerbaits and underspins. Never had an issue with them. They aren't ball bearing swivels, however they do work well and don't break the bank.  If you 're going to buy bulk, I would go with Worth. Good Luck and welcome to TU.

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