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new player in the lead mold game.

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as a disclaimer, the are just getting started in lead molds so the selection is limited, and they are CNC molds so they are pricier than do-it.




Fat Guys Fishing is now making lead molds, they have a EWG ball head and an EWG ned head on their website now (in several sizes of both) and are adding new products every day it seems, they posted a 14 cavity standard ball head jig on their facebook a couple days ago, bt its not on their website yet.


i personally have 18 of their soft plastics molds (and a dual injector on the way) and have not had a problem with them, the customer service is great and the molds shoot perfect. i will be getting some of the lead molds eventaully, when they release some of their other sizes, but will not hesitate to do business with them!

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Yeah there's some other new players as well.

I've bought a couple jigging Rapala molds from Kdesautel on eBay and they have worked out well.

They are also CNC machined lead molds.

I've got a bunch of molds from Shawn collins and a couple from Bob at CNCmoldsNstuff.

All have worked well for me.

In fact I need to get working on another jig mold for a generic ice fishing jig I'd like Bob to make for me.

If only I wasn't so busy right now!

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