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Jig Man

Keeper blocker?

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47 minutes ago, JD_mudbug said:

Just throwing out some ideas. 

How about using a silicone skirt collar, a disc punched from a silicone cooking mat, or high temp RTV to block around the hook? Maybe you could use some mold-making material to make a bunch of discs/cylinders with notches in them to fit around the hook.


You may be on to something.  It looks like the skirt collar just might work.  Thanks


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Jig Man, if you are doing a lot of jigs, put some red RTV silicone on both mold halves just under the head. Smooth out the silicone flush with the mold halves, and stick  one of your hooks in the cavity on one half. Let RTV cure. When cured, slowly take hook out of mold and peel away carefully from RTV. Next take a razor blade and skin off any excess RTV on the mold halves. You're now ready to pour. If you ever want to use the lead keeper again, peel off all the RTV.

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You’re welcome, Jig Man. Nice looking standup jig head.

Years ago when I used to pour, I needed to modify spinnerbait mold on short notice and couldn’t remember what I had used to block the lead.  It was a mold I borrowed so I couldn’t permanently alter it.  I used either a skirt collar or a disc punched from a silicone cooking mat. I may have used both ways at some point.  I’m glad the skirt collar worked.

I made some spinnerbaits without a molded skirt collar to mate a paddle tail swimbait or craw directly to the spinnerbait head with a bent wire type bait keeper. The bait had no skirt.  I made a ½ and 3/4 ounce model with a single Colorado blade.  It is like an upsized Beetle Spin for bass.  Just cut the tip off the head of a soft plastic bait flat and put it on the spinnerbait with a drop of gel superglue. It works great for re-using damaged soft plastic baits. If I had enough time to make a big batch, I would use RTV on the mold.  I wanted to make my own mold for that bait and incorporate a corkscrew into it. But, I never got around to it.

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