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When making DYI Presto Pot??

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When buying presto pouring pots, the ones I have bought in the past always has the pouring spout to the outer edge. I understand this is to miss the heating ring that goes around the outer edge. My question is,,,, does the heating ring just go around the outer edge or does it start in the middle and coil to the outer edge. I would like to make a 10 quart pot  and put the pouring spout in the middle of the pot if possible???

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It was put there to keep it heated and not freeze up. Putting it in the middle of a large pots might be a problem if it is to far from the heating element. Unless you could heat the valve some other way. And no the heating element is only in the raised area under the pot. 

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On 10/11/2021 at 8:16 AM, bryanmc said:

The problem I see with a valve in the middle of the pot is having to reach under the pot to activate it.  As for hearing the valve, I use the heating element from a glue gun. 

You would have to extend the legs on the pot I guess to get under there, or an extension on the valve maybe ? 

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