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Tackle Minding (storage ideas, organization, etc.)

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i think this would be a great individual forum area. The other day I searched for skirt storage. I found out that being a tackle or bait maker can be an expensive hobby an is quite addictive. Guys with several pounds of skirt material, boxes of tying materials, those with just about any hook, jig heads, molds, etc... Wow! 

  • How do you organize what you've accumulated?
  • How do you justify buying more "crap"? My wife wants to know.
  • What type of containers, storage boxes and labeling work best?
  • How do you condense your stuff to be storage effective?
  • Inventory for the hobbyist? (holy schnikees!) Spreadsheets, databases?
  • What the hell do you do with the accumulated stuff when you can longer do it?

Tackle Minding or the Tackle Box is my suggestion for a forum section.

The other thing that made me think of this was figuring out the best way to store split rings, swivels, blades, body parts, trebles, etc. basically any items with holes or loops. I made some coiless pins from .034 to condense the storage area for swivels, spring clips, split rings. Found they come in handy in my 3600 shore boxes. Hate small loose items. What do you guys think? I could also use a tip.

211103 SS Spring Clips.jpg

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