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Super glue and water

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For those that build through wire baits. 

I recently watched a video about using super glue and water. Some guys cut a slot for the wire, others cut them in half. I tested this on balsa,pine,oak. The ones I used super glue with water were far stronger than with just super glue. 

Just something I thought I would pass along. 

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Water only helps the reaction proceed faster and anything above the needed amount has no impact on strength.  Most materials contain enough water on their surface to start the polymerization reaction and of course we have the ambient humidity.   The majority of strength is gained within minutes.  Then up to 24 hours is need for full cure.   Most wooden baits, depending on the area of the country are going to have moisture content of 6 to 12% (for most 10 to 12% would be safe bet) and more than sufficient for the needed polymerization reaction.

Where most encounter issues is they use too much superglue.  Only need a thin coating on the surface. Wetting the surface will make the reaction go faster initially but too much water and you negatively impact the bonding ability of the superglue to the intended substrate.  Plenty of information on cyanoacrylate glue and performance out there.

Superglue is fine for hook ties, thru wire, undercoat on balsa cranks etc.... 

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