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Salt or Not Salt

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I found out fairly quickly that I do not like adding salt to my slow sinking baits. I find that soft sinking plastisol, Falls almost at the exact rate as Gary's senko. Now I know salt increases the volume of your plastisol greatly but I find it hard to match the color scheme I want because the salt tends to change the color when added. It also tears a lot easier. What is y'all's opinion when using salt versus a Plastisol that has a sinking variant in it?

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IMHO to each his own. Salt does have its place. Sinking plastisol has its place.

Not to knock M and F as it is good plastic however out of all of them it is the most expensive. I use super soft to make my stick worms from them. If what your out for is a translucent bait then use the sinking plastisol. I like the more opaque colors versus the translucent ones some times. It is all subjective.

I think of it like this: tools in a tool box. The right tool for the job is what it’s all about.

4 oz super soft plastisol 

3 table spoons salt of glass media

1tablespoon of softner

This is the recipe I have used for 8 yrs. The fish seem to like them. Are they soft? Oh yeah! Are they one hit wonders? Yep! At best it’s a balancing act between softness and durability . You can’t have it both ways . 

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On 12/14/2021 at 12:49 PM, Chris Catignani said:

@wallyc14 What (IYO) are the pros and cons of salt vs glass? I just started pouring this year and havent used either. I've remelted lures that had salt. Just curious about the properties, cost...concerns.

Salt clouds the color. Glass beads don’t do it as bad. However use an old injector if use glass beads as it will scratch up the walls of it. Salt won’t. I have been using a mix of the two  for a while. The glass beads make a very durable bait but as said before there is a price to pay for using them. With all that said I’ve been using the same bears injector for this for about 4or 5 years. I just have to change o rings a little more often. The scratches really have done nothing. You just need to get the right type and grit of beads. DO NOT use crushed glass. That will definitely F up your shooter.

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