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Dan deBruin

Musky Bucktail Components

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Hi All, 

New member and first post. Looking for some advice / recommendations.

I started making bucktails last winter, mainly flashabou, but dabbled with marabou and feather as well.

This year I’m finding it really difficult to locate decent Marabou, especially in black, in larger quantities. Does anyone know of a Canadian supplier? (Tried to order from lurepartsonline but they aren’t able to ship across the border)

Also looking for magnum hex blades (size 8,9 and 10) in copper lacquer and black nickel. The company I purchased from last year is out stock and for the life of me and can’t seem to find them anywhere else. I’ve even contacted Lakeland, but haven’t had a response.

Anyone who may know of another supplier for Marabou and blades, would love to hear from you.


Dan DeBruin

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Welcome to the site.

Jann’s Netcraft and Barlows Tackle have marabou. I don’t know if they ship to Canada. Thorne Bros. also has some marabou.


There is some marabou on eBay and Amazon too.

Have you check craft and hobby stores? They have a variety feathers and marabou.

For large quantities on magnum hex blades, have you tried Worth Co. ? They do some custom blade finishes.  You would have to call them for the copper and black nickel as those aren’t in their standard line-up for magnum hex blades.


For smaller quantities on blades (and a big jump in price per blade), Leaders and Lures has some copper and black nickel hex.


The musky shop doesn’t have hex copper and black nickel, but they do have some hammered #10s.


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Thanks so much for the recommendations JD and Canuck 2.

I’ve emailed leaders and lures for blade sizes (I’ve found out that not all magnums are sized the same) but they look like a good resource for for hex blades. My brother and I had really good results with hex blades in the Kawarthas last season so really eager to get my hands on some.

Will also reach out to worth co. Thanks for the heads up.

Canuck 2, Steve at Luremaking was my first stop. I ordered from him last year, but he’s out of stock in black nickel and 8’s in copper. Might have to order 10’s and 7’s and mix in some nickel.

JD have you used the marabou from hobby stores? Is it the same stuff essentially? I just sort of assumed it was inferior quality, but will have a look.

Seems feather is a problem shipping over the border for most retailers, so going to have to find something local.

I also got contact info from a colleague for a guy that ties pike and musky flies and will reach out to him to see where he gets his stock.

Again, thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.



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Not a perfect solution, but for personal Marabou stuff sometimes i just order Mepps premade Marabou tails and make my own spinner sections. 

IF you cant find black nickel, there are some automotive spray meant for tinting wheels that works good on silver blades. Its transparent but you can build in layers to get the desired effect.

Another thing I've done is use window tinting on them, sounds odd but similar to the prism tape some builders are using makes for a unique sound and color.

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I mostly make hardbaits. I started making my own in-lines over the past 5 years for pike primarily. I have only used craft store stuff for a couple of years. I am not an expert but it seems to be the same stuff. So far on the stuff I have tied they have held up well and the color has not bled out yet. I have heard the dye can bleed out but I have not seen it yet. If I were making baits for sale, I would want to use it for a longer period to be sure. For my personal use, the savings are worth using it. I would recommend going to a craft store to pick the best packs and make sure the feathers aren't mangled in the package. Some of the packages I saw in the store looked pretty crumpled and beat up. 



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Thanks again for all the feedback!

Ended up doing some more research and the Size 9 blades from leaders and lures are the equivalent to the 8’s I got from luremaking last year. The price hurts…but when looking for something specific I guess I should expect to pay a premium.

Bought 9’s and 10’s in copper and black nickel so I can play around with different colours and sizes.

Going to make a trip to a craft shop to see what I can find for Marabou. I need to practice so that looks like a good cheap option. Once I have it down, there is a fly shop near my office in Toronto, gonna check them out and also give Latulippe a try.

Thanks again!


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Hi All,

Wanted to respond to this thread in case anyone else is looking for more info.

Received the blades from leaders and lures and they’re exactly what I was looking for. Haven’t thrown them yet, but they look to be of really good quality.

Went to the local craft store and couldn’t find marabou in any standard colours (black is so hard to find, Bass Pro and Sail in my area have everything else but) so placed an order for the Shor Marabou with Latiluppe.

Had a big order with lurepartsonline and pretty pleased with the components I got. Sent some blades back as they were not the size that I thought they were.

Then supplemented my order with blades, heat shrink clevises and split rings from luremaking.com.

Would recommend any of these places if you’re looking for material/components.

Quick shipping even across the border. Quality blades (check Thorne Bros for blade size info)


Best prices I could find for marabou delivered in Canada.

So much stuff it’ll make you head spin. Great customer service as well when returning unwanted blades. Super quick and responsive. 2022 catalogue coming soon, get it mailed out, totally worth it.

If you’re in Canada, Steve has lots of great components for really good prices. One note, and it’s mentioned on the website, his magnum 8 blades are what some consider 9’s.  Likewise, his 7’s are an 8.  Sizes vary by manufacturer, so not exactly sure which is correct, but before ordering, measure blades to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Have everything I need to get to work, 5 months to season opener, time to get busy.

Happy New Year All.


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