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6 hours ago, Bass-Boys said:

There site says lead time is 15-20 days, so you should be getting info soon .  Great molds. 

It usually stated 2 weeks, when I ordered there was nothing there.  I'm at 3 weeks, and with holiday orders I;m sure the wait is longer.  He was the only one who had the mold I've looked for over a year now. And Once this one comes in, I already know my next one.

Thanks for the replies guys!


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I live near their shop and have been there many times. They just moved to another shop and had to get the new shop ready then move...they just did their first day in the new shop last week. I know they are going as hard as they can to get caught up.  Josh and his crew run a first rare business and you will love what you have coming...best molds on the market!

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Received my mold the other day, and finally had a chance to shoot it this AM with some leftover pastic that I reheated. Fantastic shooting! Getting ready to order another.Lead time is about 4 weeks so the timing is perfect.

I've been wanting a core shot stick bait mold for a long time now. Guess which one I'll order?

If you thought core shot stick bait you were right.

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Core Shot order is in, and a 28 day lead time. Maybe it will make it here for my birthday next month.

I am more than happy with the product, but super happy with their customer service. When I placed my order I forgot I had some AI gift certificates, and I called the company right away to cancel that order so I could re-submit it using my gist certificates.

I just barely hung up the phone when I got a call back letting me know My money had been already refunded and order cancelled. I expected to hear back in days, not minutes!

Had a chance to chat a bit with Mr Clark, and it was a great conversation. It was like talking with someone you've known for some time.

Great service, great product!

The moral of the story is this... Don't do things in a hurry, you make dumb mistakes that way.

What mold next? Yamamoto Kut Tail worms are a bit scarce. My son has had pretty good luck with those.Maybe that mold is next, and the 8" grub mold for the salty stuff.


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I ordered my core shot mold back in November the week before Thanksgiving and got it right before the first of the year.  Josh and crew moved his shop and equipment which is what caused the delay.  I believe once he gets things lined out in his new shop the lead times will drop back to 10 to 15 days.  He doesn't build for inventory, so every mold is made when you order it and I'm sure he groups like orders to try and optimize machine time.  Not sure if he loses business because he doesn't stock molds, but his success story is an awesome one.  If you haven't checked out the youtube video where Chris Jones (Worlds Worst Fishing)  does a shop tour at Angling AI you should watch it.  

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