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Never made a mold before, looking for suggestions

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I’ve been making wooden swimbaits and glide sits for a little while now. Recently I carved out a really nice 2 piece glide that I decided I wants to mold. I’ve never made a mold before so I went out and bought everything I needed (silicone, molding clay, casting resin, micro balloons etc.)

anyway, I decided that I wanted to make a tail fin instead of using a brush tail so I carved the tail fin out of balsa and am going to mold that.

my question is, should I buy a saltwater blend of plastisol or use alumalite flex for the tail fin? I have 0 experience with either product.

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It really depends on how you are going to attach it and what your bait is molded out of.  But....I have used both and I think the plastisol is faster to mold, but the Flex glues in a little getter.  Still, both will work for you.


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For glides you need a bit more rigidity to the tail IMHO. a floppy or soft tail for me really hurts the glide. I have used saltwater plastisol and it is ok and with hardener its better but I prefer Flex urethanes. Lots of companies have them varying in hardness I like flex it 50. These fins are made with it and are very pliable.


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