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Porcelain paint and powder coat

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Hi, I thought some might be interested in the method I use to paint and coat metal lures. When I started out I I wanted to do most of the work in my garage in winter where temperatures can be pretty low, 2-4 Celsius.  
The lures I wanted to make was molded lures of tin, with the line going through. These are molded in suitable silicone molds. 

Because of the low temperature in the garage a lot of coatings like epoxy etc was not suitable. An letting them cure in the house was not really an option as it would require some ventilation system. I did not want to airbrush either as that required a lot of equipment I don't own.
I have a small oven out there so powder coating was appealing. However, I wanted to be able to make more details, patterns and eyes etc. 
After some research I found that porcelain paint and pens cure at a suitable temperature and can be used in the house without much smell or fumes. 
So now I work like this:
Lures are molded in the garage. Most times I give them a coating of powder coat, usually black or white, and cured in the oven. Then they are taken inside to painted with porcelain paint. This is available in a all sorts of colours, both transparent and opaque. 
I just use a brush or a sponge and a fine brush or a pen for smaller details. There is also possible to mix some glitters and other pigments with the porcelain paint thinner and add some sparkle or other effects. I then cure them in the oven and when they are done and still hot they are given two or three dips in clear powder coat. 
This method is probably not suited for any mass production but is a valid option for small scale. 
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