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Been to  Jannsnetcraft trying to figure out the starting body weights for spinners Janns is very confusing for a 1/4oz body they recommend 1/11 oz, in grams 2.57. 1/3 oz body recommendation is 1/14 oz which equates to 2.02 grams? I realize these are starting points. 

I'm looking for some starting points that are a bit more accurate. Interested in 1/4 1/3 3/8 oz.  Thank you for your help.

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The Jann's chart has 2 bodies figured in. One is called the head. The head is a small body, usually pointy at the top and flared at the bottom, that goes on top of the body. It makes using the chart difficult. You will have to use lower common denominator addition to get a total body weight of the head and body. Plus they could be using all solid beads which for me is too pricey.

The thing I use most on the Jann's chart is the total weight. I bought a cheap ounce and gram digital scale on Amazon. A scale is useful to double check the listed weights of the component. I sometimes find the listed weights are off. I put everything on the scale - blade, beads, shaft, clevis, treble hook. That will leave the body to get to the total weight. I use hollow or plastic beads except for a small solid metal bead below the clevis. For a 1/4 oz spinner, I throw everything on the scale and usually need a 1/8 oz weight body to get to near a 1/4 oz total weight with the listed components on the chart (#3 blade, #2 clevis, shaft, beads, #4 hook). This gives you a baseline. A range of weights will work and everyone has their own preference. With a scale, you can drop down body weights, add additional beads or a head body, swap in a different hook sizes to see how the various components effect total weight. Then you can keep notes to which ones you like. You will not get a specific answer as to what is going to work best. It depends of the body of water, depth, weather, species of fish etc. It's why I have a range of different weight spinners for a given size.

I make my spinners heavier than Azsouth. I typically use 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 bodies which are typically weights either brass, lead or tungsten.

My typical #5 iline is a 1/4 oz or 7 gram body, .035 or .040 shaft, 1 small solid bead, 1-2 hollow or plastic beads, and #2 treble for a 1/2 oz total weight. I have made #5 spinners with 1/8 oz bodies to a full 1 oz body and they all catch fish. They just run at different depths. If I mark fish in 10 feet plus, I will going with the heaviest spinner. If I am fishing shallow or from shore, I will start with the lightest one.  

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