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Ditto Baits

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So this morning I took a drive to pick up a couple of tackle boxes of unbagged soft plastics that were listed as "gummy fishing worms." In total, it's about 6 pounds of stuff that I had really only acquired to melt down and re-shoot in my own molds. I figured the drive was worth the donor plastics.

Turns out there are quite a few colors that look to be NLA or special production, mostly Zoom and Culprit. About 2 pounds of Zoom Junebug finesse worms and brush hogs alone. Lots of really interesting color combos.

One worm is really stumping me. It's stamped DITTO and is the strangest combo of an earthworm or caramel color and a color shifting purple, depending on the light angle. It's about a 3" curly tail worm, eel or snake in molded form. I can find almost nothing online about DITTO baits, other than the "Gator Tail" seems to be a well-loved worm over the years. Looks like the namesake and former owner Bobby Ditto passed away a long time ago, and I don't see anything about a company still making any products still.

Anyone have any info on this one? Like, what's the color called and what is the bait called? Don't think this one is getting melted down, it would just look like a blob of clay anyway.







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Looks like the Gator Tail has a serrated edge on the tail and the shortest one was 5.5". This one is something different, and I can't find it anywhere. From what I can gather, the founder of Ditto died in 2011 and the company was bought by Allen Lures, which then went out of business. At that point, pro angler Terry Scroggins acquired all of the old molds in Florida auction. I've been trying to reach out to him via social channels, but he has them all locked down pretty well from getting contacted by anyone.

Regardless, this is a strange little worm with a little snake head and eyes. I kinda want to see how they work now. 

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That color from what I recollect was first sold by Cotton Cordell lures . They had the purple / brown like in your picture they called chameleon purple and they also had a chameleon green that was a shifting green brown color . In the early 70's I think a few different lure companies were selling these colors.

As far as the Ditto worm style the only ones I remember  were the Gator tail and they also made a craw style bait(  Ditto Fire Craw in the early 80's ) I can remember flipping way back when . Larry Nixon won a lot of money using Gator tail worms in Bassmaster tournaments in the early 80's might know the name of the worm you have come across.   Terry Scroggins has original Gator Tail and Fire Claw molds from what I read .

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Ok, new stuff... I decided to look back into some of these bags to see what I may have missed when I was separating it all and bagging it yesterday. Turns out, I missed some things in the bag of black baits—some Culprit black grape worms, and more DITTO eels (or whatever they are)!

Found 6 more of these little 3" Ditto snake/eel things—they are split laminated, half opaque black and half SUPER dark transparent blue, which makes them look like a black grape when you hold them in your hand. Up to the light, it's definitely royal blue. Because of the rough molding on these, the edges get this weird blue halo, which is really cool.

Still have no idea what these are, but this is fun. LOL 



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Once Bill Norman came out with the Snatrix, others copied it - including Ditto, the lure shown in squarehead paints's post. The Snatrix had a wafer thin tail by comparison and smooth body. The color of the Ditto shown is tequila sunrise - one that is iridescent like motor oil. I still have bags of the Snatrix in three sizes and different colors collecting dust along with many other antique plastics and hard lures. Now I just stick with those I make or modify.

Note: The 5" Snatrix is ideal as a spinnerbait trailer (expecially in white) and the 8" Snatrix slither-tail is great as a no-jig., T-rigged surface lure when used above and around weeds. Line twist is prevented by using a leader & swivel.

Two other slithering ribbon tails that come to mind are Culprit and the one on top with a triangular body and small knob at tail's end which has a unique whip action - same as the Gator Tail which has more a whip/flap action:


I made molds that produce a decent copy of the Gator Tail in two sizes:99083684_GatorTailcopy.jpg.0a96f7b9ddd5ba0d938827771d50d11d.jpg

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Someone has mentioned these may have been called Ditto Verifier Worms, and the colors are all over the map. And just to put some minds at rest, I have no intention of melting these down. When I bought them, I had no idea these were anything other than ordinary Zoom finesse worms and brush hogs. It's been fun to try to track down the history of these Culprit and Ditto soft baits.

Always interested in hearing more, there isn't a lot out there about Ditto Baits outside of the very popular Gator Tail.

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2 hours ago, hpssports said:

That first color is the original MF brown grape. Lureworks chameleon has more of a redish purple color for the base color.

That is absolutely correct and Lure Craft made an old brown grape as well.  Couldn't really tell the difference between the two.  Completely bummed they discontinued them. 

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My mistake - the worms shown in the first post were not tequila sunrise in color.

This is:          image.jpeg.1aa82c0e4959daa84224f66202f2f3b5.jpeg

The only diference with June Bug are the green flakes added to the dark blue-pearl dye.

Been a long time since I've had to buy lure color or order soft plastics.

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That Ditto bait doesn't look like their regular eel which has the serated-type tail and ribbed body.  Most of their baits are not smooth like that one. I have heard about Ditto’s Verifier but have not see one. I have also not seen a Ditto Cutthroat worm nor his DW worm. The bait could be one of those.

Ditto also made:
Gator tail worm  5-1/2” and 7”
Fire Claw (crawfish)
Eel and Baby eel  (have ribs/grooves on the body and ‘serated’ gator type tail)
Sizzler worm (reminds me of a Creme scoundrel)
Whip worm (4” and 7-1/4”, looks like a Slider type worm)
Ditzit claw (creature bait, forerunner to the Brushhog type baits but with claws on the end of the center legs)
Dragontail lizard (lizard with stumpy legs and a gator worm type tail)
Chunky (chunk style trailer)
Fat grubs
Tube (solid tube bait)
Topwater worm? Not sure of the name.  (one curly appendage off the middle of the worm plus the curl tail. See pic. Don’t know if it was actually sold or if it is the Verifier, Cutthroat or DW).

Squarehead paint, you might want to reach out to Longrodder over at Bass Boats Central (bbcboards.net).  I think he is Bobby Ditto’s nephew. He might be able to identify that bait you have.



ditto lure.jpg

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I managed to get in touch with Steve Corley, who is the nephew of the late Bobby Ditto, the creator of this bait and many others. Here's what I learned...

These little snake-headed worms were indeed called the Ditto Verifier, named by the late Dr Loren Hill, because, "these baits will always verify if there are any bass down there or not." He had something to do with the development of the Snatrix, too, and the matter of which came first is up for argument. The Verifier was first molded in 1980.

The funky caramel/purple one was called Chocolate Motor Oil, and the back and blue was called (you guessed it), Black and Blue Laminate. He said they were available in both 3" and 11" versions if you can believe that. And it's true that Terry Scroggins owns all of the old Ditto molds and produces them mostly for himself, but does give them away on his social accounts from time to time.

Fun little fishing tackle archeology adventure. Can't wait to see how these work, once I figure out the best way to rig one up.

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