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That doesn't sound like a familiar mold to me. Are you one of the growing crowd of people who have confused me with Shawn Collins by any chance?

My name is Bob La Londe. It is not Shawn Collins. My company name is CNC Molds N Stuff. It is not Shawn Collins Customs.

At the risk of sounding sarcastic how do so many people think those two names sound the same. I'm quite serious. I've actually been out fishing and explaining to a fishing buddy how people keep confusing Bob La Londe with Shawn Collins and received a phone call from somebody wanting to order a Shawn Collins mold from me WHILE I was talking about it. It's rare that I go a week without somebody asking me about one of his molds.

Honestly, I now understand Rick Springfield's song "Bruce."


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16 hours ago, Travis said:

Sounds like a missed opportunity for a sale.  People contacting you accidently looking to buy something you might be able to provide.  

Sounds like an opportunity to do a knockoff instead of being an honest person and sending them to Shawn Collins for a Shawn Collins Mold.  My business ethics do alienate a certain class of customer, but I can live with that.  (I have literally been told shove my ethics up my _ _ _.)  

I just get really tired of people emailing me or calling me to ask questions about his molds.  I do not publish my phone number (actual customers have it), so those guys who call got it from somebody else.  Whoever that is probably thinks it's funny. 

BUT BUT BUT,,,  Yeah whatever.  

This last one asked where to get a particular hook for a Shawn Collins mold he already owns "since it's not listed on the manufacturer's website."  No chance to sell anything even if I was that kind of person.  A quick dead simple site check shows two listings for that model number on the manufacturer's website.  

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