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I am a complete idiot. (missed an obvious detail... I know you're not surprised. haha)

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I have been having issues with getting glidebaits to effectively glide, and it just hit me... Right now. I saw a split ring on my desk, and I was cleaning my desk, and I realized that that is why I haven't been getting glidebaits to glide consistently. I have been tying direct to my baits with 65lb braid, and tying improved clinch knots with 8-10 twists, so the knot was very stiff and restricted motion. I tossed a split ring onto the nose of my current project, and now it does the longest glides I have ever seen a 6 1/2" - 7" glide do. I am so dumb..... hahahahahaa. I have been weighing them so well the whole time and seeing as how I am only 15, I never realized the tiniest potential issue until now, which is pretty common for folks my age... I feel a lot better now, but I am so conflicted, I feel so good that I figured it out, but feel so disappointed that it took me this long. Has anyone else had this experience lol?



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I was lucky to learn that before I started making baits.  I was throwing a Luhr Jensen Speed trap and took the snap off to try a different lure.  Later I tied the Speed Trap on direct and it immediately blows out.  With snap you can burn them, tied direct you can't even crank them.

The answer always seems easy after you figure it out.  Good job and congrats on a successful Glide Bait.

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5 minutes ago, Outlaw4 said:

when you are a person that does things. you make mistakes and learn. this is not consistent with being an idiot.

Yeah, I guess I should start thinking of mistakes as learning opportunities for my dream career as of now-- building resin, wooden, and soft plastic lures and selling them. Mistakes are how I got to the point I am with this current glider! Cheers!



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2 hours ago, Big Epp said:

Good work man. Mr. Rogers (might be before your time...) says that everyone makes mistakes, and Michael Jordan said you have to learn to fail before you can succeed.  You are on the right track and in good company!

Thanks man! I painted her today too, rattle-can threadfin shad! I will post it in the gallery tomorrow or wednesday because I am clear coating it tomorrow, I am letting the paint dry overnight.

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