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Finally got some 3d printed proto types

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A couple of updates, 

I tried printing a mold and yes I could get it to fit together quite nice getting the wire harness in and the mold closed was way to fiddly for my taste.  So I tried printing a mold of a mold, it looks to have worked quite well. The only issue I have at before I cast a bodyi is that I make the mold a little thin another 3-6mm would make it a bit more ridged.MoldMold.thumb.jpg.e4f590bd4f401f52ae336e092615b887.jpg

 The other thing I was not liking about printed lure was the lips, I just did not like the look of a solid color lip.  And the plastic I was using, PLA, is not rated for outdoor use untreated at least. Another common printing plastic is PETG And I found myself some "Translucent" it's nowhere near clear but clear enough to work for now. 



Just to test I am printing a body in this material PETG is not known for taking paint all that well what I am shooting for is a "ghost minnow" sort of look so a bit of paint top and bottom with everything else left clear.

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