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Microwave age/heating inconsistency

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Anyone with experience regarding heating up plastic in older microwaves and a potential heating inconsistency?

Or the quality of the microwave and heating inconsistency? 

Im experiencing lower grade results using the same microwave, heating the same quantities and cook times as I have for at least 2 years on the microwave. I bought the Sharp microwave used on offer up for $5 and  it’s been fine but recently I’m getting subtle degradation that I can see in my clear plastic. 

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I've noticed that once a spot in the plastic starts to burn the scorching continues from that spot.  Waves bounce around inside the microwave oven and sometimes there can be a "hot spot" where more waves converge.  Make sure the fan is turning freely (fan inside is used to scatter waves) and also make sure there are no rust spots, etc that could change the way waves bounce around.  Might also try stirring a little more or more often, especially after plastic has gelled.  The thicker plastic cannot distribute heat as much by convection (currents) but mostly by conduction which is a much slower process.

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Define  "subtle degradation" in your clear plastic.

That could answer all your questions.

My microwave is 5 years old. Cheapo bought at Target. No issues. With our household ones, when they started taking longer to heat they usually deuced the bed soon after.



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