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Angling A.I. molds

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Specifically, their  tube bait 737DD-05 3.75" Double Dipper Mold. Does anyone have experience with this mold? And if so, how many cavities does it have? Does it come with rods?

Also, in reading the reviews, one of them said tubes can be made two different ways. One with thin walls, and one with thicker walls.  Surely that has to be accomplished using rods of different diameters.

Any information that can be provided about this mold will be greatly appreciated.

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I think it's the 4" double dipper that i have but it's definitely a top notch mold. It has 5 notched rods & if you use the top notch you can make tubes with a half inch solid head or put the rod in the lower notch & make standard hollow tubes. I've used mine a whole lot. Bob at cncmolds& things also makes a couple affordable tube molds too. Either mold whether  Angling ai or bobs you'll have to cut the tails your self. That doesn't bother me a bit but it does some folks. I made a beefed up version somewhat based off of lurecrafts  press using the deluxe tail splitter & it's simple. Just dip each tube in worm oil & give it a good solid press once or twice & you're ready to go. You won't have to worry about whichever mold you purchase. I only texas rig my tubes so i  mix 50-50 medium to hard plastic  & mine hold up well. 

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Dink Master, thank you very much for your reply. It is much much appreciated and helped a ton!  When you said the number of molds was spelled out on the website I was perplexed because I didn't see it list the number of cavities. Going back I see the number of cavities is in the model number?  The dash 05 means 5 cavities?

And the video you linked is awesome !!! Thank you very much for that. It appears to be the same mold I'm interested in. Definitely loving the quality looking baits it produces.  Oh and looking at extra rods I did see that the molds include rods. So thank you for that as well.

Les, thank you very much for your reply as well. It too is very much appreciated. Yes, after watching the video I see how the rods are notched to create different thickness heads. For some reason I misinterpreted the review I mentioned and thought it referred to wall thickness.

I made an ejection mold out of DWP that is a tube bodied craw and I use different length rods to change the head thickness. That notching the rods idea is quite the slick little deal. I may remake the mold and incorporate that into my new mold.

Once again thank you guys very very much for the responses. I truly appreciate them. Gonna go order the mold right now

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