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BOSS Weed Guards

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I recently ordered 1500 weed guards from fishingskirts.com

I've used these for awhile now at the recommendation of you guys.

The product description mentions the welded hub that makes these weed guards superior. The product image shows the hub.

The packaging they arrived in also mentions the hubs and shows a clear picture of them.

None of the 1500 weed guards have that hub. I got the plain old ones that flare if you even look at them too hard.

Here is an image of their product photo with one of mine at the top left.

I know they're having trouble getting shipments in, but this is pretty dishonest.

Does anybody know if the BOSS weed guards at Tackle Warehouse are the real ones?


boss weedguards.jpg



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I've gotten weedguards from two places, fishingskirts.com (Boss) and Kayser Lure. The Boss ones I've gotten about a year ago had a longer hub than the ones I received 6 months ago. I think something in their manufacturing process has changed or could be a bad batch or poor quality control. Either way they still work. Just stick the other end of the weedguard in the hole and trim the fused end.

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Do any of the weed guards have the "hairy" or uneven top or are they smooth and uniform? I'm asking because that was the main benefit I got from those weed guards. I'm thinking if the weed guards are free from the fuzz or "hair" and they are smooth on top they probably just changed the way they make them. 

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I sent them an email and they told me they recently opened a new plant and these are their weed guards now. They said they still have a welded hub, it's just not as big as before. You can see in the images above they are nearly paper thin.

I wish they still had the larger hub. These ones flare a bit on installation.

These are likely the best ones available now, but the old ones were much better.

Smalljaw, these are not the fuzzy ones.

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