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Dropout spray

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Cadman put me on to this several years ago.  This stuff is great.  I have cleaned and recoated several molds.  However, I have a mold that I modified with high temp silicone and had to redo some of the cavities.  In this process some of the drop out got removed.


My question is:  should I cover all of the silicone before spraying or just spray over it.  

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Well that is a good question, I've never thought of that. My first impulse would be to spray over everything, because I don't think the drop out will stick to the silicone thus leaving it wet. With that said, the wet drop-out will probably be messy but you can probably wipe it off the silicone. However if it were me, I would probably tape off the silicone. I am curious though if what I said above would be true. Can you try a sample and give us feedback? Very much appreciated.

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I checked it this morning to see if it would flake off the silicone, no.  I used aQtip and acetone to clean part of it.  Next time I think I will just spray then clean up with acetone.  It will be a lot simpler.


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