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Can you name these baits?

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Hi new here not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum, however I recently bought a lot of baits and I'm getting into fishing and would like to know what I have/am looking at. I've tried to do hours of research but keep coming up empty handed, any info is appreciated. Thanks! 






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Welcome to the site.

Here are some guesses.  Better close-up pics of the ones not identified below would help. Lure lengths would also help.

1. Bill Lewis Stutter Step 
2. Cabela’s Mean Eye Crankbait Shallow
3.                  (need a better pic)                            
4. Strike King Red Eye Shad
5. River 2 Sea Snub Crankbait
6. Luhr Jensen Sugar Shad
7.                     (need a better pic)
8.                    (need a better pic)
9. Strike King Squarebill 1.5
10. Strike King Red Eye Shad
11. possible Jann’s Netcraft FG Squarebill. I have some in different colors and the lines match.
12. Strike King Pro Model Series 3 Crankbait
13.                      (squarebill, need a closeup to see molding lines)
14. Ima Squarebill
15.                      (a better side pic might help) Looks like a painted fin on there?
16. Fairly common, might be hard to identify. Looks like a knock off the discontinued Cabela’s Dig It crankbait (not the Dig It Craw).

17. Bandit 100 Series Crankbait
18. Strike King Squarebill 2.5. Chartreuse Crazy Shad color which has been very effective for me  the past couple of years. I am a sucker for the old school crackle back look on that bait.

19. Strike King Squarebill 1.5
20. Gary Yamamoto Midasu Lipless Crankbait (fish in pupil is the giveaway)
21. Rapala Scatter Rap
22.                        (squarebill*, need a closeup to see molding lines)
23.                        (squarebill*, need a closeup to see molding lines)
24.  A better pic will help. Looks like there is a small dorsal fin?
25.                        (squarebill*, need a closeup to see molding lines)
26.    This minnow has a rearward point at the top of the gill plate. I have seen it somewhere but can’t remember where. I will keep looking for it.

27. L&S Mirrolure, could be a Top Dog model
28. Bass Pro Shops XPS popper  (no red gill line), discontinued model, new one is different
29. Booyah Prank
30.                     (squarebill*, need a closeup to see molding lines)
31. Strike King Squarebill 1.5
32.                    (need a better pic)

33.                     (need a better pic)
34. 6th Sense Movement 80X or a knockoff
35.                   (squarebill*, need a closeup to see molding lines)
36.                   (squarebill*, need a closeup to see molding lines)
37.                    (squarebill*, need a closeup to see molding lines)
38. Bass Pro Shops XPS popper  (no red gill line),  discontinued model, new one is different
39. Yozuri Pop’n Splash, Arms Series (Duel)
40. could be Yozuri Surface Cruiser or Tsunami Talkin pencil popper. These lures used to come in smaller sizes. Length would help here.  (need a better pic too)

41. Bomber Square A
42.  Looks like fairly generic lipless crank. Could be hard to identify. A closeup might help.
43.                   (minnow crankbait**)
44.                   (minnow crankbait**)
45.                   (minnow crankbait**)
46.                   (minnow crankbait**)
47. Rapala X-Rap
48. Rapala X-Rap
49. Rapala X-Rap
50.                   (minnow crankbait**)
51.                   (minnow crankbait**)

*Squarebills – There are so many brands and knockoffs out there. A lot of these are sold at fishing expos by various vendors. They run the range in quality from junk to good quality with nice paint schemes. They may be hard to identify. The ones where the front gill plate line looks like a curved 'Y' and there is a shorter second gill plate line are knocks offs of the Lucky Craft. The pics have to be clear and show all lines on the gill plate, the scale cross hatching and the eye pupil to have a chance.

**Minnow crankbaits – These look like store type brands such as Bass Pro XTS, Ozark Trail, Walmart Pradco assorted bin lures, Chinese lures from Amazon/Ali. These may also be hard to identify.


assorted lure 1.jpg

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I was just wondering what type of fish you will be fishing for. Mudbug knows his lure types but knowing every lure that you will use well, once you start to fish you will settle on a few of these lures that catch the fish you are fishing and they will always be your go to lures, because they will be the ones in the water most of the time.

Since you are just starting out you do have a good assortment of lures just need to learn at what times to use them, so do some reading and most of all just go fishing. You don't mention how old you are or fishing from shore or in a boat.


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