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mark poulson

salvaging weakened/broken spinnerbaits

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I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but it is wire bait related.

I fish spinnerbaits on the CA Delta a lot.  Even though I wrap wire around the R bend, they do eventually get weak and bend out.

I've figured out how to salvage them, because they are still good enough to fish.

I cut the weakened wire at the R bend, grab the remaining wire about 1/4" in front of the head with a pair of round jawed pliers.  I hold the wire near the cut off R bend with needle nosed vise grips, and wrap the wire  back down over the round bend pliers, forming a loop that's in line with the hook, and just beginning down past the wire.

I put the wire loop that's formed into the sooth jaws of a bench vise, and then use the wise grips to wrap the wire tag end around the wire between the loop and the head, forming a closed eye loop.  I try and wrap it twice around, just to play safe. 

Once I've removed the vise grips and made sure the eye is straight, I use a dremel with a cut off wheel to trim off the excess close to the main wire.

And now I have a swim jig!

Since I wire wrap my skirts, and the head's paint job is seldom damaged, it's ready to fish, except for the weed guard, which I make from weed whacker plastic wire that I super into into a hole I drill in the top of the bait's head.

I can also put a chatter bait blade onto the wire once the loop is started, but not yet wrapped around the main wire shaft.

Just stuff to do with old, tired spinnerbaits.

converted spinnerbait.jpg

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16 hours ago, Chris Catignani said:

Love it Mark...I actually have some of the older vs of spinner baits that have the wrapped wire tie (no R) and actually tend to prefer these. 

Chris, I have used those, too, but they have heavier gauged wire, and don't seem to vibrate as much.

I got "hooked" on R bend spinnerbaits from the original Revenge baits made by Ray M.  He used lighter wire to get more vibration, and they were fish catchers, but they did break a lot more often.  That was before I wire wrapped the R bend to keep them from opening up as easily.  If you wrap the R bend, they won't open up nearly as much.

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6 hours ago, Jig Man said:

I do the same thing.  I use floral wire.  I just wrap a few turns around the R and cover it with heat shrink tubing.


Smart!  I never thought about shrink wrap, but I'll try it now.

I figured someone else would have done it, too, but I never read about it anywhere, so I just thought I'd share.

Ever since I had a 5lber eat the blades only, and get both the main hook and the trailer hook in it's underjaw instead of in it's mouth, I've been closing the blade wire before I wrap the R bend, so the blade vibe is closer to the bait and hook.  I want them to focus on the part with the hook in it.

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On 6/12/2022 at 6:18 PM, Jig Man said:

The wire got caught on my line a few times so I decided to cover it.  I sometimes use braided line instead of wire and the shrink tubing helps keep it in place.

I've been adding a couple of drops of super glue to lock the wired, and smooth the coils.

I'll be looking for some shrink wrap online.  What size do you use?

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