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Bassmaster Rick

Injector Cleaning

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Hey Guys. I clean my injector tubes after finishing up a run of a color every time. I take the injector apart and then use a bottle brush and then run a micro fiber towel through it and it cleans up really nice. But this doesn't work so well when using DOP plastisol. This stuff is nasty when it comes to cleaning up. It's sticks to everything. The Bait Plastics plastisol cleans up nice but not the DOP. I wanted to try DOP and see what the hoopla was about but when I finish this gallon I'm sticking with Bait Plastics. Anybody have any tricks for cleaning up after using DOP?

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I have a pint bottle with worm oil in it that i oil my injector with. I just remove tip & put a little in & replace tip then  pull plunger back & stick tip into pint bottle & squirt back into it. Does a great job of lubricating.  You can also take injector apart & put some on rag & drag through tube to clean. I also use the same oil in the pint bottle to add a few drops when bagging baits to lubricate them. After awhile there will be some pieces of different colored plastisol in it from lubricating after evacuating after leftover plastic after injecting & when i get a bunch in it i use all i can of it & then dump the rest in the trash. I buy worm oil by the gallon so a pint isn't much & i've used the same pint for a long time. 

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