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Hillbilly voodoo

Problems shooting swimbaits

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New to this whole injecting soft plastics thing and slowly learning as I go

I have a 5.6 prey bait swimbait mold and I can’t figure out why some are turning out with a hollow nose. Doesn’t matter if I am shooting one or two colors 

plastic temp is in the 360 range. I keep pressure on the injector for about 30 seconds after the mold feels full. Molds are warmed up on a hot plate before shooting. It’s a single cavity mold 

so what is this newbie doing wrong 


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Lower the temperature of your plastic. About 320*  Hold pressure for only 10 seconds.

Make sure the sprue has not harden or sealed up.

Top off sprue with hot plastic from your injector and or cup. 

Get a Sprue Extender.

Sprue Extender gives large cavity molds additional hot plastic to draw from as the mold cools.

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44 minutes ago, Hillbilly voodoo said:

Thanks I will try your suggestions tomorrow 

Wouldn’t the laminating block also work like a spur extension?

Not really. The ports on the lam block are small and the seal not so good. Mold would prolly draw air as opposed to plastic. Dinkmaster’s got you covered.

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5 hours ago, Dink Master said:

NO -  Make sure to warm your Injectors & Laminating Block also.

Plastic solidify/hardens quickly in a cool laminating block.

I did warm the laminating block but not the injector 

I did not get to try your advice before having to go beck to work for a set. But I will on my next 5 off

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