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Best Plastisol for Beginner?

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7 minutes ago, SwampCracker said:

What would be a good beginner plastisol to use? I've seen Dead on, Lureworks and Bait Plastics but I don't know which would be best. I am planning on making paddle tails for inshore salt fishing to start out with. 

Each of those companies have product line-ups in regards to density starting from super soft plastic (think ned worms and stuff you want to have a lot of wiggle) to hard soft plastic (think saltwater soft plastics that can handle the bite). using super soft will give you a lot of action but they will be ripped up easily while a harder density plastic will have less action but will be more dense and not get ripped up as easy. all plastic manufacturers will have a soft, medium and hard grade plastic. The plastic formulation is what varies from company to company. some companies like MF provide really clear plastic, however you pay for that in cost per gallon while other companies like dead-on offer the gallon at a cheaper rate but some might say the quality isnt there, however some like that it is phthalate free. I personally use MF and Bait plastics Saltwater blend as I need a more durable plastic. Bait plastics has been an all around great plastic to work with but some might say that the odor/fumes while cooking it is too strong and the plastic when creating a clear bait tends to fog up some while it cures. I would recommend you try bait plastics medium or saltwater blend to start with and as you have time and money, get a gallon or two here of the other guys stuff and see what qualities you like best of each plastic. You can see my experience with dead on in one of my previous posts about my tubes ripping up constantly. 

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If you're truly a beginner, I suggest that you take the time to learn as much as you can before you start.

Read the three or four threads at the top of the Soft Baits Forum.  They include how to stuff, and also how to avoid being hurt while you're making baits. 

There are also You Tube videos that share helpful info.

We all learned from others, but also from our own mistakes. 

A little research before you begin can help you avoid costly, and even painful, mistakes. 

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No need to buy gallons I’d you’re just starting out. Quarts are available too. 
some suppliers also sell sample packs of three different types. 
Been a while since I bought one of those so the company name escapes me. Maybe another member can help? 
FWIW… after a number of years making baits and trying at least a gallon of most of the brands, I keep going back to MF plastics.

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