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Swim bait clear coat?

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This is what has worked for me.   I wrap the joint hardware with 1/8-1/4 inch wide rubber bands, wrap it tight enough it'll pin the joint and the body segments won't move. Try and spread the bands out to cover while wrapping  Some small paint/clear touch up may be needed if the rubber band covers any part of the bait body near the hardware.  After it's dried/cured,  just cut the bands with an exacto and dig out them out with forceps or tweezers.  I'm spraying auto clear now, but have dipped 2 pc baits,  half a bait at a time and put on a turner with decent results, 4 oz baits and under with the dipping. When dipping I kept the product off the hardware/bands as much as possible, even using a small brush to fill in tight spots.   Hope this helps...

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I take the baits apart, No matter how careful I try to be.... it was never good job finishing them.

sticking joints, missed finish areas, poor clearance, which turned out to be... at best...to be a learning experience.

So now I take everything apart.

My .02

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you may want to try a UV set type of product. You can carefully apply them between the joints and set them immediately with a UV light…You won’t have to worry about it leaking into the joint as it dries..
 See the Alumilite post Hillbilly made..Nathan

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