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Spinnerbait arm lengths

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Howdy! Is there a chart of any kind to suggest approximate arm lengths for different size spinnerbaits. I'm using a Do-it mold for 1oz spinnerbaits. The 1oz body is pretty long. When getting the  hookeye/ form connection in the thick part of the mold, the resulting exposed hook seems short. If I move the hook back, the arm in front of the body seems short. I'm using a .40 wire form with a 2" hook arm and a 2.5 blade arm. I can't find much discussion on arm lengths anywhere. Blades, skirts, hooks,  even wire thickness has lots of info but nothing on arm lengths. The catalogs seem to offer their opinions, but not much on 1 ounce baits. Thanks for any thoughts. 

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Do yourself a favor and get a wire bender and make your own wire forms. I do this because I make many different models. Some of my spinnerbaits have 1.25" extending from the nose of the bait and others have 2", it is because my baits are made for specific purposes.  If you want to buy the wire form I understand. Try finding a wire form with a hook arm that is at least 2.5", that should be close to what you need. 

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