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First off I am not a rod builder and have no experience with this stuff 

The cork butt broke off my new pike rod and warranty would take too long to fix it. I don’t think this is normal but there was a hollow gap between the end of the blank and cork butt. This was extremely weak caused the cork to break off first day

is it possible to replace just the end of the handle with a new fighting butt or does the whole grip need to be replaced?

should the cork butt be tight to the blank like I assume?

advice on materials or how you would approach this repair would be much appreciated

Pic of damage 


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52 minutes ago, Hillbilly voodoo said:

Any glue recommendations or is any waterproof epoxy good?

for shaping the the cork to blend the new piece to the old are you just using sand paper?

complete rookie to this so dumb questions probably 

For this...any epoxy will work. Just wipe off any excess when your finished.
If you dont have a way to clamp...then just stand if on it end with some weight to push it down.

(remember to wipe off an excess when its clamped) The reason this is critical is that...if epoxy dries on the out side, you risk having a chunk (of cork) pulled out when sanding.

Yes sand the result...clean the old side with soap and water.


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